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Alessandro Magrino and the history of the Maria Cristina Sterling brand


Alessandro Magrino was born in 1958 in the ancient San Frediano quarter of Florence.He studied at the Florence Institute of Art where he discovered and fell in love with the meaning of art, in particular with figurative arts that give emphasis to equilibrium and form.He developed a passion for photography which has not diminished over the years.He began his artistic career in drawing and at 16 he participated in an exhibition of Chinese ink, before beginning to work in an artisan workshop specialising in high quality silver jewellery.

During this period, he began to cultivate another passion – for horse riding.He participated in competitions, but it was in caring for his horses that he found a true calling.The relationships he manages to establish with these noble animals is exclusive and special.

oon Alessandro began to create fine “objets d’art”.

All his creations are easily recognisable for their refined taste based on the natural and luminous forms that are typical of his style.

He refuses to follow the dictates of the market, preferring to trust his feelings and inspirations, which is why all his pieces have a special essence, a palpably different quality.

Each piece designed by Alessandro Magrino is the fruit of a structured project, which begins with an experimental phase, followed by the realisation of the object and its refinement, so that its soul remains intact…..together with the undiscussed creativity of its “designer”…

This creativity is evident in the jewellery in silver 925 made on commission for grand occasions and important ceremonies, like the cufflinks made to celebrate 150 years of the Italian Republic donated for Columbus Day, or the silver crown with natural stones for “Miss World Italy” as well as many other pieces like the Cornucopias by Alessandro Magrino given as gifts to brides by the Florence Municipality, the Vitis line from the Vite alla Vita collection and the special rosary made for Pope Benedict XVI.

The MARIA CRISTINA STERLING brand is not only famous for its silver jewellery; it also excels in sculptures that are characterised by the same intensely fresh and innovative style that is typical of all the creations of Alessandro Magrino.

Alessandro Magrino trained at the Institute of Art in Florence and then in a high quality silversmith workshop in the city.No one knows the art of silver design as well as Alessandro; the metal, the techniques for working it, such as lost-wax casting, moulding, turning and welding.

Some of the decorative pieces created by Alessandro have become part of a collective decorative imagination.

All his creations are easily recognisable for their refined taste based on the natural and luminous forms that are typical of the Alessandro Magrino style.

In his most recent collections, Alessandro Magrino has taken inspiration from his daughters, who have contributed a touch of female freshness; they are perfect models for his more Youthful pieces that reflect the latest trends…